Prof. Dr. Sonia Kleindorfer

Picture: Daniela Matejschek

Dr. Josef Hemetsberger

Picture: Daniela Matejschek

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar

Vice Head

Head of Research Group "Corvid Lab"

Current Head of the Department of Cognitive Biology

Email: thomas.bugnyar[at]

Ass.-Prof. Dr. Petra Sumasgutner

Picture: Daniela Matejschek

Privatdozentin Dr. Didone Frigerio

Picture: Daniela Matejschek

Senior Scientist

Email: didone.frigerio[at]

Dr. Andrew Katsis

Postdoctoral Researcher

Project: Avian personality traits


Dr. Lauren Common

young woman with a hat, songbird sits on her hat

Postdoctoral Researcher

Project: Replicate evolution in avian parasites during island invasion


Mag. Gudrun Gegendorfer

Picture: Daniela Matejschek



Julia Rittenschober, MSc

Picture: Daniela Matejschek



PhD Kandidat*innen

female scientist with a golden eagle being banded

Varalika Jain, MSc

Projektitel: Moving towards coexistence: understanding behavioural responses of eagles to human

Betreuerin: Petra Sumasgutner


Alper Yelimlieş, BA

Projekttitel: Linking song and personality in Darwin's tree finches

Betreuerin: Sonia Kleindorfer


Anna Fabbri, MSc

Projekttitel: Pair bond formation and maintenance in ravens and crows

Betreuer: Thomas Bugnyar
Co-Betreuer: Leonida Fusani


Silvia Damini, MSc

Projekttitel: Interspecific interactions in the foraging context in ravens (Corvus corax)

Betreuer: Thomas Bugnyar
Co-Betreuerin: Petra Sumasgutner


Jefferson Garcia Loor, BSc

Projekttitel: Personality and home range size in Darwin's finches: effects of predator eradication and translocation 

Betreuerin: Sonia Kleindorfer


Awani Bapat, MSc

Projekttitel: The use of social information and strategies for social interactions by free-flying ravens.

Betreuer: Thomas Bugnyar



Porträt von jungem Mann

Jonas Lesigang, MSc

Projekttitel: Function and individuality of different call types in greylag geese

Betreuerin: Sonia Kleindorfer
Co-Betreuer: Andrew Katsis, Alper Yelimlies

Junge Frau vor einer Berglandschaft

Alina Döhring, BSc

Projekttitel: Mirror trials in Greylag Geese: Personality and object permanence

Betreuerin: Sonia Kleindorfer
Co-Betreuerin: Didone Frigerio

Junge Frau, zwei Graugänse neben ihr

Mariia Klymenko, Dipl.Tzt.

Projekttitel: Components of relationship quality in greylag geese monogamous pair bonds

Betreuerin: Sonia Kleindorfer

Avila Bold, BSc

Projekttitel: The anti-predator response of corvids in different social contexts towards a heterospecific predator

Betreuerin: Petra Sumasgutner

Irai Paetow de Jesus, BSc.

Projekttitel: Are Greylag Geese (Anser anser) able to visually discriminate when presented with pictures of conspecifics?”

Betreuerin: Sonia Kleindorfer

Young male Scientist in the darkness, wearing a headlamp and holding an owl

Johannes Ploderer, BSc

Projekttitel: Personality and home range use in Galapagos short-eared owls (Asio flammeus ssp. Galapagoensis)

Betreuerin: Sonia Kleindorfer
Co-Betreuerin: Petra Sumasgutner

Arnout Lindeman, BSc.

Projekttitel: How do ravens adjust their foraging behaviour to unfamiliarity and unpredictability?

Betreuer: Thomas Bugnyar
Co-Betreuerin: Silvia Damini

Jakob Schorn, BSc

Projekttitel: Species -diversity and -dominance among secondary hole nesting birds with varying degrees of human presence at three different nesting sites near the Konrad Lorenz Research Center

Betreuerin: Didone Frigerio
Co-Betreuer: Josef Hemetsberger, Wolfgang Vogl

Johanna Weber, BSc BSc

Projekttitel: Occupancy preference and breeding success in secondary hole-nesting birds depending on nest box material and familiarity. 

Betreuerin: Didone Frigerio
Co-Betreuer*innen: Josef Hemetsberger, Wolfgang Vogl, Sonia Kleindorfer

Marina Gehbauer, BSc

Projekttitel: Human-falcon relationships (within the field of nature-society interactions) can trigger positive emotions and make residents more likely to engage in conservation activities

Betreuerin: Sonia Kleindorfer
Co-Betreuerinnen: Petra Sumasgutner, Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Johanna Lauffer, BSc

Project title: Relationship quality in free-flying ravens (Corvus corax)

Betreuer: Thomas Bugnyar

Egon Lind, BSc

Projekttitel: Seasonal and cohort-specific survival rates of common raven in an anthropogenic alpine environment

Betreuer: Thomas Bugnyar
Co-Betreuerin: Petra Sumasgutner

Monika Schön, BSc

Projekttitel: Conversation styles in human and animal communication: are there cross-species rules? 

Betreuerin: Sonia Kleindorfer

Barbara Steininger, BSc

Projekttitel: Social integration of hand-raised greylag geese (Anser anser)

Betreuerin: Didone Frigerio
Co-Betreuerin: Sonia Kleindorfer

Gabriela Bernatovic, BSc

Projekttitel: How parental care is associated with feeding strategies and feeding success at a common feeding place outside of the family

Betreuerin: Petra Sumasgutner
Co-Betreuer*innen: Thomas Bugnyar, Palmyre Boucherie

Stefanie Bachmann, BSc

Projekttitel: Effects of resource availability and distribution on grouping dynamics and foraging strategies in an urban population of crows (Corvus corone ssp.)

Betreuerin: Didone Frigerio
Co-Betreuerin: Palmyre H. Boucherie


Junge Frau mit einem auf ihrem Arm sitzenden Raben

Verena Baumgartinger

Freiwilliges Umweltjahr

Junger Mann mit Rabe auf Arm sitzend

Daniel Herndl

Freiwilliges Umweltjahr


Junge Frau mit Mütze, in Hocke, 2 Graugänse neben ihr

Mariia Klymenko, Dipl.Tzt.

Assoziierte Wissenschaftler

Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal

Wolf Science Center, University of Veterinary Medicine (Vienna)

University of Vienna

Email: kurt.kotrschal[at]

Dr. Jorg Massen

Department für Kognitionsbiologie, Universität Wien

Email: jorg.massen[at]

Prof. Dott. Leonida Fusani, MPhil PhD

Department für Kognitionsbiologie, Universität Wien

Email: leonida.fusani[at]

Dr. Shane Sumasgutner

Email: shane.mcpherson[at]


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