Prof. Dr. Sonia Kleindorfer

Picture: Daniela Matejschek

Dr. Josef Hemetsberger

Picture: Daniela Matejschek

Stellvertretende Leitung

Email: josef.hemetsberger[at]univie.ac.at

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar

Stellvertretende Leitung

Leiter der Arbeitsgruppe "Corvid Lab"

Derzeitige Leitung des Department für Kognitionsbiologie

Email: thomas.bugnyar[at]univie.ac.at

Dr. Didone Frigerio

Picture: Daniela Matejschek

Senior Scientist

Leiterin der Arbeitsgruppe "Frigerio Lab" - Greylag geese and Northern bald ibis as models for social systems

Email: didone.frigerio[at]univie.ac.at

Dr. Petra Sumasgutner

Picture: Daniela Matejschek

Start Preisträgerin

Projekte: Beschleunigung zur Nahrung

Email: petra.sumasgutner[at]univie.ac.at


Dr. Andrew Katsis

Projekt: "Avian personality trait"

Email: andrew.katsis@flinders.edu.au

PhD Kandidaten

Silvia Damini, MSc

Projekttitel: Interspecific interactions in the foraging context in ravens (Corvus corax)

Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar

EMail: silviadamini94@gmail.com

Jefferson Garcia Loor, BSc

Projekttitel: Personality and home range size in Darwin's finches: effects of predator eradication and translocation 

Betreuerin: Prof. Dr. Sonia Kleindorfer

Email: garcialoorjefferson@gmail.com

Awani Bapat, MSc

Projekttitel: The use of social information and strategies for social interactions by free-flying ravens.

Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar

Email: awanibapat@gmail.com

Dina Mostafa, MSc

Projekttitel: Role of acoustic signals in fission fusion dynamics of greylag geese.

Betreuerin: Prof. Dr. Sonia Kleindorfer

EMail: doooga@gmail.com

Verena Pühringer-Sturmayr, MSc

Arbeitsgruppe "Frigerio Lab"

Projekttitel: "Between optimal choice and site fidelity foraging habitats in Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita), a critically endangered bird species"

Projekt: "NBI goes Citizen Science - Involving young and old citizen scientists in monitoring habitat use of the critically endangered Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita)"

Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal & Dr. Didone Frigerio

Email: verena.puehringer-sturmayr[at]univie.ac.at

Mario Gallego-Abenza, MSc

Arbeitsgruppe "Corvid Lab"

Projekttitel: "Social communication and foraging in free-ranging ravens"

Projekt: "Fission-fusion dynamics and social cognition in wild ravens"

Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar & Matthias-Claudio Loretto, PhD

Email: mario.gallego-abenza[at]univie.ac.at


Rebekka Kreikenbohm

Projekttitel: Breeding success of the Golden eagle in the Alpine region

Betreuer*innen: Dr. Matthias Loretto, Prof. Dr. Sonia Kleindorfer, Dr. Petra Sumasgutner

Egon Lind, BSc

Projekttitel: Seasonal and cohort-spevific survival rates of common raven in an anthropogenic alpine environment

Betreuer: Prof. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar, Dr. Petra Sumasgutner

Monika Schön, BSc

Projekttitel: Conversation styles in human and animal communication: are there cross-species rules? 

Betreuerin: Prof. Dr. Sonia Kleindorfer

Barbara Steininger, BSc

Projekttitel: Social integration of hand-raised greylag geese (Anser anser)

Betreuerin: Dr. Didone Frigerio



Stefan Werderitsch, BSc

Projekttitel: Investigating the relationship between the use of plastic and debris and nesting and reproductive behaviour in the endangered northern bald ibis (Geronticus eremita)

Betreuerin: Dr. Didone Frigerio

Tanguy Menthonnex, BSc

Projekttitel: Factors influencing plastic incorporation in nests by endangered Northern Bald Ibis

Betreuerin: Dr. Didone Frigerio

Tatjana Vogel, BSc

Projekttitel: Occupancy preferences and breeding success of hole-nesting small birds depending on the material of the nest boxes and depending on different forest types (with/without the presence of humans) in the area in and around the Cumberland Wildpark in Grünau im Almtal, Upper Austria

Betreuer: Dr. Didone Frigerio, Dr. Josef Hemetsberger

Gabriela Bernatovic, BSc

Projekttitel: How parental care is associated with feeding strategies and feeding success at a common feeding place outside of the family

Betreuer: Dr. Petra Sumasgutner,  Prof. Dr. Thomas Bugnyar, Dr. Palmyre Boucherie

Stefanie Bachmann, BSc

Projekttitel: Effects of resource availability and distribution on grouping dynamics and foraging strategies in an urban population of crows (Corvus corone ssp.)

Betreuerinnen: Dr. Didone Frigerio, Dr. Palmyre H. Boucherie

Anna Fabbri, BSc

Projekttitel: Individual variation and development of food associated calls in the common raven.

Betreuerin: Prof. Dr. Sonia Kleindorfer

Antonia Huge, BSc

Projekttitel: Is male age in Galapagos finches related to the soundscape composition at the nesting territory?

Betreuerin: Prof. Dr. Sonia Kleindorfer


Picture: Daniela Matejschek

Mag. Gudrun Gegendorfer

Email: gudrun.gegendorfer@univie.ac.at

Picture: Daniela Matejschek

Julia Rittenschober, MSc

Email: julia.rittenschober@univie.ac.at


Armin Stadlberger

Assoziierte Wissenschaftler

Prof. Dr. Kurt Kotrschal

Wolf Science Center, University of Veterinary Medicine (Vienna)

University of Vienna

Email: kurt.kotrschal[at]univie.ac.at

Dr. Jorg Massen

Department für Kognitionsbiologie, Universität Wien

Email: jorg.massen[at]univie.ac.at

Prof. Dott. Leonida Fusani, MPhil PhD

Department für Kognitionsbiologie, Universität Wien

Email: leonida.fusani[at]univie.ac.at

Dr. Shane Sumasgutner

Email: shane.mcpherson[at]gmail.com


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