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Project Details

Principal Investigator Dr. Didone Frigerio

Funding FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Programme Bridge

Project Duration 01.09.2017 - 31.08.2020

Project Number FFG 858551

Research Objective

The reproductive success of an avian species can be considered as a direct measure of individual fitness. Therefore, it also reflects the adaptability of each species. Cohesion and synchronization of the breeding partners are decisive factors for the reproductive success. The project investigates the breeding and rearing performances in three avian model species (greylag geese, common ravens and northern bald ibises) using a comparative approach and involving lay persons in research (citizen science). Aim of the project is to develop a long-term model for research and innovative scientific communication in cooperation with an economic enterprise.   

Research Questions

(1) Which behavioural patterns influence breeding success in long-term pairbonding, e.g. in ravens and greylag geese? Which behavioural patterns distinguish ravens from northern bald ibises, despite similar breeding strategies?

(2) Does the possibility of joining scientific research affect the visitor structure of the park?


The three avian species breed in the area of the Naturtierpark Grünau. Their nests will be equipped with video cameras without disturbing the animals during breeding. The breeding behaviour can therefore be observed, quantified and analysed by scientists as well as by interested lay persons. In addition, an app enables behavioural observations and sightings of the individually marked birds (ravens, northern bald ibises and greylag geese) providing information about the quality of the pair bond as well as on local traditions regarding the resting and feeding places of the birds.


You can download the "Forschen im Almtal" App and actively participate in our research:





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Dr. Didone Frigerio

Mag. Gudrun Gegendorfer

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