Social alliances and flying area in Northern Bald Ibis

Quo volis Geronticus eremita? Monitoring the social alliances and the flying area in a Northern Bald Ibis colony (Geronticus eremita)

Project Details

Principal Investigator Dr. Didone Frigerio

Funding OeAD – Austrian Agency for International Cooperation in Education and Research

Programme Sparkling Science, 5th Call (2013)

Project Duration 15.02.2015 – 31.08.2018

Project Number SPA-05/26

Research Objective

(1) Determining the flying area of the colony by GPS / GMS transmitters and observations

(2) Monitoring the physiological condition of the animals in relation to external (i.e. season and social status) and internal factors (i.e. sex and age) through regular collection of blood and faecal samples;

(3) Collecting additional information about the social rank and the social network by classical behavioural observations.

Research Questions

The integrative data set obtained should address the following research questions: Are there any individual or group-related patterns in relation to the flying area? Is there a relationship between flying behaviour and physiological parameters?


Five educational institutions from the region Almtal (district Gmunden) are involved in the project: 2 kindergartens, 2 primary schools, 1 secondary school and 1 upper school. Upon past experience, the scientific aspects of the project are going to be presented playful yet well-documented to the young children (kindergartens, primary school). The pupils will regularly participate and fulfil different tasks according to their age as well as to the seasonal relevance of the scientific work and in agreement with the participating teachers and educators.

In general, the present project provides a valuable opportunity to involve students, pupils and children in basic research, showing them closely that this is a prerequisite for all other applied research approaches.

External Project Homepage

Project page of the funding programme Sparkling Science




Dr. Didone Frigerio

­Tanja Czerny, BSc

Mag. Gudrun Gegendorfer

Verena Pühringer-Sturmayr, MSc

Julia Rittenschober, BSc

Cooperation Partners

1.1. Participating educational institutions:

Grammar School Gmunden, OÖ

Caritas Kindergarden St. Jakob Grünau, OÖ

Kindergarden Scharnstein, OÖ

Primary School Grünau im Almtal, OÖ

Primary School Mühldorf, OÖ

1.2. Scientific cooperation partners:

RISC Software GmbH


Pädagogische Hochschule Oberösterreich

Alpenzoo Innsbruck-Tirol

1.3. Partners from economy and society:

Naturtierpark Grünau GmbH

Kinder Uni OÖ - Institut für Angewandte Umweltbildung


Dr. Didone Frigerio

Phone: +43 (0) 7616 8510

Email: didone.frigerio[at]

Email KLF: office.klf[at]