Visible Science

Project Details

Principal Investigator Dr. Didone Frigerio

Funding FFG – Austrian Research Promotion Agency

Programme Bridge

Project Duration 01.09.2017 - 31.08.2020

Project Number FFG 858551

Research Objective

The reproductive success of an avian species can be considered as a direct measure of individual fitness. Therefore, it also reflects the adaptability of each species. Cohesion and synchronization of the breeding partners are decisive factors for the reproductive success. The project investigates the breeding and rearing performances in two avian model species (greylag geese and northern bald ibises) using a comparative approach and involving lay persons in research (citizen science). Aim of the project is to develop a long-term model for research and innovative scientific communication in cooperation with an economic enterprise.   

Research Question

Which behavioural patterns influence the breeding success in long-term pairbonding, e.g. in greylag geese? Which behavioural patterns influence the breeding success in seasonal pairbonding, e.g. in the case of northern bald ibises?


The two avian species breed in the area of the Cumberland game park Grünau. Their nests will be equipped with video cameras without disturbing the animals during breeding. The breeding behaviour can therefore be observed, quantified and analysed by scientists as well as by interested lay persons. In addition, an app enables behavioural observations and sightings of the individually marked birds (northern bald ibises, greylag geese and also ravens) providing information on local traditions regarding the resting and feeding places of the birds.


You can participate in the project as follows:

(1) through the app "Forschen im Almtal"

Take a walk through the Cumberland game park Grünau and spot the whereabouts and behaviour of greylag geese, northern bald ibises as well as common ravens.

You can download the app (obtainable for Android and Apple) or directly access the app via the interactive map and actively participate in our research.

(2) through NestCams (access via the platforms or Zooniverse)

Visit our subproject NestCams through the platforms or Zooniverse. Watch short video sequences and observe the behaviour of our greylag geese and northern bald ibises on their nests. This will help us to find out more about the breeding behaviour of these bird species.

Download the manual for the app here.

For more information about the app and NestCams, please visit

What happens to my data?

Your entries in the project "Forschen im Almtal" are displayed in the interactive map and can therefore be viewed by everyone. The raw data can only be viewed by persons with administrator rights and are stored on the servers of the Citizen Science SPOTTERON platform. The data is only passed on to third parties anonymously (without any user information) and only for scientific purposes. The project "Forschen im Almtal" does not pursue any commercial goals. Personal data will be kept strictly confidential and will not be passed on to third parties. Full rights of use are granted to the project for the photos of the entries. When using a photo within the scope of the project activity, we always indicate the author (username or display name).

External Project Homepage

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Dott.Dr. Didone FRIGERIO Project leader and management

Mag. Gudrun GEGENDORFER Public relations

Verena PÜHRINGER-STURMAYR, MSc Data evaluation and publication

Julia RITTENSCHOBER, BSc Supervision of the platform NestCams

Larissa SCHWAIGER NestCams communication with the participants

Christiane STEINBACHER, MSc Supervision of the app Forschen im Almtal, communication with the participants

Georgine SZIPL, PhD Data evaluation and publication