9. European Conference on Behavioural Biology, Liverpool, UK

"Influence of kinship, sex and age on association patterns of non-breeding ravens"

Presenter: Loretto, M.-C.


4. Österreichische Citizen Science Konferenz, Salzburg

"Verhaltensforschung an Graugänsen unter Miteinbeziehung von Bürgerinnen und Bürgern"

Vortragende: Gegendorfer, G., Rittenschober, J.


"Do you know the northern bald ibis? - Pupils acting as multipliers by interviewing people about the critically endangered avian species"

Vortragende: Puehringer-Sturmayr, V.



11. Göttinger Freilandtage. Social Complexity: Patterns, Processes and Evolution

"Think twice! Age-specific foraging strategies to avoid conspecific kleptoparasitism in ravens"

Vortragender: Gallego-Abenza, M.


"Linking fission-fusion dynamics to social complexity in a large-brained songbird"

Vortragender: Loretto, M.-C.



6th International Bio-Logging Science Symposiun, Constance, Germany

"With whom to associate? Seasonal grouping in the Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita)."

Vortragende: Puehringer-Sturmayr, V.


11th International Conference on Behaviour, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife, Berlin, Germany

"Digestibility in Greylag Geese (Anser anser) The role of social context."

Vortragende: Frigerio, D.


35th International Ethological Conference, Estoril, Portugal


"Variation in space use of non-breeding ravens: From large scale movements to local food caches."

Vortragender: Loretto, M.-C.




8th European Conference on Behavioural Biology, Vienna, Austria

"Social alliances and their benefits in Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita)."

Vortragende: Puehringer-Sturmayr, V.


"Production and perception of defensive calls in Common ravens."

Vortragende: Szipl, G.


11th Topical Meeting of the Ethological Society e.V., Göttingen, Germany

"Social behaviour and endoparasites in Northern Bald Ibis (Geronticus eremita)."

Vortragende: Puehringer-Sturmayr, V.


Symposium of the International Advisory Group Northern Bald Ibis (IAGNBI), Seekirchen am Wallersee, Austria 

"Working with the Northern Bald Ibis at the Konrad Lorenz Research Station."

Vortragende: Frigerio, D.


"Investigating people`s opinion on NBI: Results of pupils´survey."

Vortragende: Frigerio, D.


"Affiliative interactions modulates stress response and parasite burden in Northern Bald Ibis."

Vortragende: Puehringer-Sturmayr, V.