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Supporting the KLF by becoming a Society Member

Even though since the beginning of 2012 the KLF is is integrated into the University of Vienna as "Core Facility KLF for Behaviour and Cognition", it still enjoys financial support by a society, the "Verein der Förderer der Konrad Lorenz Forschungsstelle". As public funding is rather limited, we depend on private contributions to continue and expand our work.

To support our research, you may do this either by with a one-time donation to

RB Grünau, Name: Konrad Lorenz Forschungsstelle

IBAN: AT30 3412 7000 0000 8599


or by becoming a member of the "Verein der Förderer der Konrad Lorenz - Forschungsstelle". As a member of our society you regularly receive information on our activities. On appointment, members also receive an exclusive view of scientific work at the KLF. The annual membership fee is € 80,- . If you are interested in supporting our research and need further information, please send us an email: Opens window for sending emailoffice.klf@univie.ac.at.

Appropriate spending of funds is under close control of the government of Upper Austria. Considering the relationship between costs and results, the KLF is probably among one of the most efficient biological research institutions in Austria and worldwide.

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