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Grünau im Almtal

It may be considered as a privilege to work in one of the most charming and beautiful areas of the Northern Alps. The KLF is situated in a valley between the village and the Almsee, a small lake approx. 15 km South of Grünau im Almtal. The valley ends at the lake at the steep walls of the "Totes Gebirge", an Alpine limestone cliff raising to approx. 1700m. The climate is alpine, warm in summer, cool and moist, in spring and autumn and cold, but sunny in winter.

The valley is sparsely settled and the local economy depends on some tourism, lumbering and gamehunting. As the use of the area is extensive, nature is in excellent condition. Red deers, roe deers, chamois, foxes and occasionally even brown bears roam the valley. Numerous birds, including birds of prey either breed in the Almtal, use it as a winter roost or as a migration corridor.

Particularly in late summer and in winter the valley is a good starting point for trekking and skiing tours into the neighboring mountains.

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