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Carrion Crows and Hooded Crows (Corvus c. corone and Corvus c. cornix)

Rabenkrähe und Nebelkrähe

Carrion crows are often mistaken for ravens, especially in German speaking areas. This is due to the fact that their German name contains the word raven ("Rabe").

However, unlike crows, ravens do not inhabit cities, and they can be easily distinguished from ravens by their size. Crows are only half of the size of a raven, with a wingspan of approximately 50 cm and a weight of 500 g.

Despite their size, they are very similar to ravens regarding their social system and their cognitive skills.With our group of crows, we are now able to directly compare the performance of closely related species (ravens, jackdaws, and crows) in cognitive tasks and draw conclusions with respect to their social system.

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